Asparagus Carbonara with Poached Egg


A “lightened up” carbonara pasta featuring crispy bacon and poached egg with a rich, gooey yolk. Plus fresh ingredients like shallot, asparagus and arugula.


There are a small handful of things in life I feel completely certain of, and one thing I know for sure:

There’s something about a cooked egg with a rich, gooey yolk that makes every single food on the planet taste ten times better.

I was reminded of this when Chris and I had the chance to eat out (baby-free! so I could concentrate on tasting my food instead of coming up with creative distractions to keep baby from throwing his food across the room!) at an Italian restaurant.

Chris offered me a taste of his carbonara pasta topped, of course, with just such a gooey egg yolk.

It tasted incredible. One of my favorite bites of food in months.

Six or seven bites later, I was planning to make my own version of carbonara-with-gooey-egg-yolk at home. View Post

20-Minute Creamy Parmesan Mushroom Fettuccine


This creamy parmesan mushroom fettuccine is quick and easy to prepare in 20 minutes. Rich, cheesy, and flavorful; made with garlic and spinach.


Today I’ve prepared for you:

An indulgent, heavenly plate of creamy parmesan mushroom fettuccine.

For those days when nothing but savory, rich, creamy pasta will do.

You have those days too, right?

I think this particular creamy mushroom pasta is the best of both worlds:

Yummy and really indulgent-tasting with a little splash of cream and plenty of freshly grated parmesan.

But also filled with healthy ingredients:

Fresh garlic and parsley, mushrooms, and spinach.

So I can help myself to a nice, generous portion and feel like I’m getting plenty of healthy nutrition from my dinner. View Post

Easy 20-Minute Taco Bowls


Healthy and yet so tasty and satisfying! These Easy 20-Minute Taco Bowls feature fresh veggies, beef and black beans, cheese, and homemade taco seasoning.


Do you ever have those hectic, crazy days where your drooping energy catches up with you just when your stomach begins rumbling for dinner?

I created these Easy 20-Minute Taco Bowls for just that type of day.

These taco bowls are really simple, quick and easy to throw together.

And they taste as delicious and satisfying as the Mexican take-out I might turn to otherwise.

Plus, best of all (in my mind):

Hardly any dishes or clean-up are required with this recipe! View Post

Easy 30-Minute Eggplant Pasta Skillet


30 minutes is all you need to create this easy and flavorful eggplant pasta skillet. It’s cheesy, comforting, delicious and packed with healthy ingredients!


As much as I love a classic eggplant parmesan, it takes so much more time than I have available on an average weeknight.

The breading and the layering and the baking.

I can plan on working in the kitchen for over an hour, at least.

So I started throwing together this easy eggplant pasta skillet instead.

And now I turn to this recipe all the time, because it’s as delicious and flavorful as eggplant parmesan.

(It’s a crowd pleaser!)

And this eggplant pasta only takes 30 minutes to prepare. View Post

Easy Moroccan Slow Cooker Chicken Tajine


This easy and approachable version of slow cooker chicken tajine is richly flavorful, with bell pepper, chopped tomatoes, orange zest and sweet potatoes.


There’s nothing like a toddler for making you second guess any cooking skills you thought you developed over the years.

Trevor loved this slow cooker chicken tajine the first time I made it.

He ate it right up.

Here’s the play-by-play of Trevor’s reaction the second time around:

  1. He takes a bite.
  2. He raises his brows.
  3. He grimaces.
  4. He grabs another fistful.
  5. He smushes the fistful with everything he has.
  6. He holds his fist perilously over the side of his high chair.
  7. He sends beagle Calvin – with food now so temptingly close to Calvin’s nose – into a whining fit.
  8. He locks eyes with me.
  9. He opens his fist for Calvin to jump up and devour.
  10. He laughs with pure glee.
  11. He swings both hands back and forth across the high chair tray, sending chicken tajine flying in every direction (to Calvin’s delight).

The baby knows how to make his feelings crystal clear without saying a word, if nothing else!

But I’m excited to post this chicken tajine recipe anyway, because I happen to love it!

It’s just my kind of recipe: full of spices and fresh veggies, with lots of savory-sweet flavor. View Post