Baby in a Field of Sunflowers


Beyond an organic farm stand in our hometown, a field of giant sunflowers bloom for just a couple of weeks out of the year. I took baby Trevor, and here’s what happened…


Early last fall, Chris and I had just moved to a new place. Much bigger than the cute little starter house that we had worked so hard to make our home, it felt empty and lonely and not yet like ours. We needed time to unpack, we had renovations to complete, and we needed furniture. Feeling really homesick and also unwell from the morning sickness that bothered me every minute of every day for the first few months of my pregnancy, I was driving through our unfamiliar new hometown.

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Baby’s Baptism in Boothbay Harbor, Maine


We returned to the enchanting church I admired as a teenager for baby Trevor’s baptism ceremony in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.


There’s something enchanting about Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

As a teenager, I’d join my best friend every summer at her family’s cottage on Popham Beach. We’d always plan a day to hop into her dad’s powerboat – gliding over bumpy waves, salty spray misting our hair – and make our way into Boothbay Harbor. Our agenda was always the same: to stroll though the quaint downtown, full of pottery shops and art galleries, and stop for the freshest lobster rolls you’ll ever taste.

Making our way toward the dock, I’d always search for the church.

A beautiful stark white contrast to the sparkling blue ocean, the church sat right at the edge of the harbor. Small, modest, and absolutely lovely, with white double doors always open wide to catch the breeze off of the water. Once, I noticed a bride and groom exiting those doors amidst confetti and cheers, the clamoring music of the church bells echoing off the harbor.

I was a shy and self-conscious teenager, with no specific plans for my future, and I’d never been in love. But there was one thought that always flickered across my mind. A wedding, my wedding, at that church one day. View Post

Autumn Apple Kale Salad with Maple Dressing


My favorite kale salad, ready in 7 minutes and exploding with fresh autumn flavors: salty pumpkin seeds, crisp apples, creamy goat cheese, and an easy maple dressing that’s tart and sweet.


I’m guessing that a kale salad is the thing everyone reaches for when they want to the most health-supporting, nutrition-packed option possible. When you want to make a good solid healthy choice for yourself, a kale salad earns you the gold star.


Has anyone ever gone for a kale salad when searching for something flavor-packed and guaranteed delicious? I don’t believe this has happened once, at least not in my life. In fact, a kale salad used to be the opposite of everything I’d imagine to be flavor-packed and guaranteed delicious.

Until I came up with this autumn apple kale salad, which happens to be bursting with tasty, creamy, crunchy, tart, salty, and sweet fall flavors. My husband Chris, who I don’t believe has ever had any desire to eat a kale salad ever in his life, even raved about the tastiness of this recipe.

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One Baby and His Hair: The Epic Journey


Baby’s hair has taken me on one incredible journey. I’ve been surprised and awed. I’ve fallen in love. I’ve faced up to my fears. And the journey continues on…


Exclaimed by the midwife who delivered him, the very first words said about baby Trevor upon his entrance into this world were “Wow, look at all of that hair!”

Unlike the other (semi-bald) babies I saw strolling through our neighborhood, Trevor made his debut on planet Earth with a thick, long, full head of hair.

He required a comb after his first bath.

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Easy Greek: Pasta with Tomatoes and Feta


Easy to make in about 20 minutes, this richly flavorful vegetarian pasta dish features Greek-inspired ingredients like tomatoes, olives, pine nuts, and feta cheese.


Since becoming a new mom to baby Trevor, this pasta with tomatoes and feta has become like an old, trusted friend.

It’s very reliable.

I cook it basically every week.

Here is why:

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