2018 Travel Goals

For our first year of travel, we plan to do a handful of bigger trips, like Iceland! Since we don’t have unlimited funds and we do have full-time jobs (!), we’ll also do lots of road trips and weekend trips to spots throughout New England:

1.) Build sand castles on the pink beaches of Bermuda

Update: We did it! Bermuda felt like a tropical dream paradise, just a couple of hours from home. For more on Bermuda, check out:

2.) Do a food tour of Portland, Maine

We did it! Posts coming soon…

3.) Attend the WaterFire festival in Providence, Rhode Island

Update: We did it! And we had the best doughnuts of our lives! For more, check out:

4.) Check out Elvis Presley’s solid gold Cadillac in Nashville, Tennessee

Update: We did it! The Grand Ole Opry was something we’ll never forget! For more on Nashville, check out:

5.) Walk beneath the waterfalls in Iceland

Update: We didn’t make it to Iceland in 2018. But it’s on our list for 2019!

6.) Go to Trevor’s first baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston

Update: We did it! Posts coming soon…

7.) Ride the “Choo Choo”  and watch the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

Update: We did it! Although the Walt Disney World Railroad wasn’t running during the time we visited, Trevor didn’t mind all. He was too busy trying to ride all of the roller coasters! And we found the absolute best time of year to see fireworks at the Magic Kingdom too! For more on Walt Disney World, check out:

And for Walt Disney World at Christmas, Check Out:

8.) Spend the night in a château in Quebec, Canada

Update: We did it!  Although we didn’t spend the night in a chateau, we visited one. The Chateau Frontenac was like something out of a Christmas fantasy! For more on Québec City, check out:

9.) Search for Humpback whales in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Update: We did it! We didn’t do a whale watch (four hours on a boat seemed like too much for Tru), but we got to see THE most stunning fall foliage instead! For more on Newburyport, check out:

10.) Drive the Kancamagus Highway through the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Update: We did it! Trevor loved dipping his little toes into the icy-cold rocky river rapids! For more on the White Mountains, check out:

11.)  Eat deep dish pizza and stroll the Riverwalk in Chicago, Illinois

Update: We did it! And we had THE most incredible Chicago deep dish pizza (it’s some of the best pizza we’ve had anywhere, aside from Italy!) For more on Chicago, check out:

12.) Watch the sunset from Block Island, Rhode Island

Update: We went to Newport, Rhode Island instead! The beach sunsets over the Atlantic were stunning. “The Breakers” palace was maybe even more stunning. For more on Newport, check out:

13.) Hike the Rocky Mountains in Colorado

Update: We did it! Colorado is definitely a bucket list destination for families, with a million jaw-dropping natural wonders, from red rocky gorges to cascading waterfalls to sky-high mountain peaks. For more on Colorado, check out:

14.) Ride a gondola above the fall foliage in Stowe, Vermont

Update: We went to Maine instead! And now we have our vote for the most gorgeous town in Maine to see the fall foliage. For more on Maine, check out:

15.) Meet the penguins at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta

Update: We did it! It turns out Atlanta is a dream destination for families, with incredible aquariums, zoos, and gardens. And the “Imaginary Worlds” exhibit is breathtaking! For more on Atlanta, check out:

16.) Photograph the cottages and lighthouses of Nantucket, Massachusetts

Update: we did our very first trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to explore the beaches there instead! The Outer Banks is our vote for the most kid-friendly beaches, perfect for family travel! For more on the Outer Banks, check out:

17.) Bike the boardwalk in Grand Haven, Michigan

Update: We did it! And we found the most gorgeous beach with the most stunning sunset. For more on Michigan, check out:


18.) Update: We added a travel destination! We had the opportunity to stay in Richmond, Virginia and fell completely in love with the most stunningly beautiful historic hotel there. It’s one of our all-time favorite hotels! For more on Richmond, check out:



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