All About Our Experience at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party


We weren’t totally sure about the Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

It’s a special event offered on certain days throughout the month of October that requires an additional admission on top of what you pay for entrance to the Magic Kingdom.

The Halloween Party happens after the park closes for the evening – typically lasting from 7pm to midnight.

With Tru being so young, we didn’t know how long he’d last that late at night.

And whether the additional cost would be worth it.

But we figured Tru could handle a late bedtime for one night, and we decided to go for it!


When we arrived at 7 on the night of our Halloween Party, there was definitely a joyful, exhilarating energy as soon as we walked through the front gates.

Main Street was decorated to perfection (in typical Disney fashion!) with pumpkins and autumn colors, and there were characters in Halloween-themed costumes throughout the park.

Fun, upbeat Halloween music was piped in to add to the atmosphere.

There was a Halloween dance party in Tomorrowland.

And we loved that they offered a fireworks show (with some Halloween colors and effects).

Costumes were encouraged for everyone attending the Halloween Party, and most of the children we saw (and many adults) really went all out!

We saw the typical Disney princesses decked out from glittery hair to glittery shoes.

And we saw a family of five – all dressed in head-to-toe black – with neon, flashing lights sewn into the arms and legs of their bodysuits.

We planned ahead and got a Tigger costume for Tru to wear to the Halloween party.

He liked it and was happy wearing it.

Aside from the hat, which he removed and threw to the ground about five minutes after entering the park.

He also did really well at the party and had a big smile on his face for most of the night.

There were a lot of nice touches at the Halloween Party.

For example, children (and adults!) can “Trick or Treat” and collect free candy at different points throughout the park.


The real benefit to the Halloween Party was the opportunity to go from one popular ride to the next without really long lines. Although the park was still crowded and bustling with activity, we also felt like there was room to move around the park freely.

Even the really popular rides had shorter wait times. We waited ten minutes for Pirates of the Caribbean and Thunder Mountain Railroad.

And twenty minutes for Space Mountain.

The other benefit, of course, was the opportunity to roam the Magic Kingdom – lights twinkling everywhere – late into the night. Without the brutal Orlando sun beating down on us!

Overall, we loved the experience and thought it was definitely worth the additional cost.

For us, we found that the Halloween Party provided an opportunity to experience all of the best of the Magic Kingdom – the themed music, the incredible decor, and the joyful energy. All without the typical challenges – intense heat, long lines, and heavy crowds.








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