Our Easter of Isolation

Well, Easter 2020 sure was strange. Hopefully the strangest we’ll ever know. Hopefully!

Back in the beginning of March, I’d hoped to do an Easter brunch at a restaurant in Boston and have an Easter egg hunt for the neighborhood kids.

Needless to say, Easter looked a lot different than I hoped.

Here’s how our Easter of Isolation 2020 went down:

The weather was nice this year. That was one win.

A springlike Easter never happens for us in New England.

In the past, Trevor has hunted for Easter eggs in the cold, wind, rain, and even in the snow.

So the warm, sunny weather was nice.

And I got Tru dressed up in the Easter outfit I’d bought back in early March.

I even sprayed his hair down with water and combed it.

It hasn’t been cut in weeks, so it’s getting a little unruly.

I think if it gets much longer, he might start getting ringlets like he had as a baby.

I stayed in my sweats, but I figured I’d dress Tru up and snap some photos.

And Tru loved hunting around our backyard for Easter eggs.

We’d practiced several times leading up to the big day.

It was a game I came up with to survive these long, lonely days of isolation.

I’d hide colorful building blocks around the yard while Tru closed his eyes.

Then he’d grab a basket and search for them all, “practicing” for Easter.

But back to our Easter of Isolation.

After the backyard Easter egg hunt, we had a small lunch of ham and potatoes in our dining room.

Chris picked up some flowers at the grocery store. So we put those out on the table.

We’d normally have frozen sweet corn with the ham, but it’s impossible to find frozen vegetables at the grocery store right now. So we found some frozen pureed squash in the freezer that we’d bought months ago and made that instead.

As much as Trevor loved the chocolate, his favorite part of all of the festivities was definitely decorating Easter eggs.

Tru was obsessed with dying eggs this season.

For a few weeks leading up to Easter, he’d ask me (on pretty much a daily basis), “can we do more Easter eggs today?”

It’s been a creative activity to get us through these long days though.

Tru spent so much time inspecting his colored eggs, trying to determine his “most favorite,” his “second favorite,” his “last favorite,” etc.

Tru knows my favorite colors are blue and teal, so he’d make the blue and teal eggs “for Mama.”

And the red eggs – Chris’s favorite color – were “for Daddy.”

Tru’s favorite color of the moment has changed from “rainbow” to yellow, but his “most favorite” egg changed by the day.

Tru has been so focused on favorite colors lately.

He’ll color a picture with Crayons and say, “I used mostly teal for you.”

When we play a board game he’ll grab the pawns and say, “I’m going to be the blue to think of you. And you be yellow piece to think of me.”

But back to Easter 2020.

Yes, for me, it was the Easter of Isolation.

But our sweet little guy thought it was a great day – he was happy as could be.




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