Sunflower Fields 2020


Right around this time every year – since Trevor was born – we’ve visited a local sunflower field. The fields draw really large crowds. It’s always really busy and hectic. Due to all the mask and social distancing mandates, I wasn’t sure they’d even open this year. I figured we’d have to break our annual tradition.

As luck would have it, I found another sunflower field. This one was even better than the original. The growers planted over 100,000 sunflowers. They included hay bales for photo ops and winding pathways so we could wander through the entire field. Even better: there weren’t any crowds at all. The fields were quiet and peaceful.

We had such a fun night. After enjoying the sunflowers, we ordered dinner from the most delicious Greek restaurant and Trevor played at a nearby playground while we waited for our takeout. Sunflower Fields 2020 was our best yet. This year has often felt like a lot of doors being slammed shut. But here was a door opening for us!


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