Baby’s Baptism in Boothbay Harbor, Maine


We returned to the enchanting church I admired as a teenager for baby Trevor’s baptism ceremony in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.


There’s something enchanting about Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

As a teenager, I’d join my best friend every summer at her family’s cottage on Popham Beach. We’d always plan a day to hop into her dad’s powerboat – gliding over bumpy waves, salty spray misting our hair – and make our way into Boothbay Harbor. Our agenda was always the same: to stroll though the quaint downtown, full of pottery shops and art galleries, and stop for the freshest lobster rolls you’ll ever taste.

Making our way toward the dock, I’d always search for the church.

A beautiful stark white contrast to the sparkling blue ocean, the church sat right at the edge of the harbor. Small, modest, and absolutely lovely, with white double doors always open wide to catch the breeze off of the water. Once, I noticed a bride and groom exiting those doors amidst confetti and cheers, the clamoring music of the church bells echoing off the harbor.

I was a shy and self-conscious teenager, with no specific plans for my future, and I’d never been in love. But there was one thought that always flickered across my mind. A wedding, my wedding, at that church one day.


Fast forward several years, and I did get married at that church! It was one of the most magical days of my life.

So when Chris and I started thinking about doing a baptism ceremony for baby Trevor, we thought it would be special to return to Boothbay Harbor.


The church is called Our Lady Queen of Peace, and here is how it looks from the harbor. The sun still illuminates the calm blue waters with a thousand dazzling points of light, just the same as in my teenage memories.


Here are Chris and Trevor in front of Our Lady Queen of Peace before the ceremony began.


Trevor was lucky and got a beautiful, clear blue day for his baptism. The September breeze off of the water was chilly, but the sun warmed us.


These photos show the gorgeous view of the harbor from the church.


And here’s Trevor with Mimi and Grampy. This is one of my favorite photos.


I did my best to capture Trevor in his white baptism outfit. But he’s on the move every second. And he’s also a pro at removing his shoes within seconds, no matter how well I think I’ve tied the laces.

So here are the details up close.

Trevor wore a white sweater and cardigan with blue cross and trim.


Plus shortalls with a matching cap.


And white socks and shoes, both with stitching detail in the shape of a cross.


Here’s Trevor during the ceremony. They used a white shell, personalized with his name and the date, to pour the holy water over his head. I loved that unique little detail, so fitting for a church located right beside the ocean shore.


Afterward, we went to The Lobster Dock restaurant across the street for a celebration lunch. We had lobster rolls, crab cakes, clam chowder, and fried artichokes (which were my favorite part of the meal, by the way!)

Then we had cake. I was blown away by the artistry of the cake, done by Cake Elizabeth in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

She included three teddy bears holding letters spelling out Trevor’s name. Plus a blue cross and a blue ribbon at the bottom. The quote around the edge of the cake is Luke 17:21 and says, “The kingdom of God is within you.”


Even from the back, it was full of adorable detail.

You’re probably wondering about the most important part though. The flavor was pumpkin cake with a cream cheese frosting and, yes, it tasted as good as it looked – several layers that were moist and rich.


Notice the mischievous gleam in Trevor’s eyes here.

(Also notice how his hair looks when slicked with perfumed baptism oil!)

He had a little plan in mind…


We did try to save the teddy bears, but the first one sadly lost both ears.


He missed his nap, but Trevor remained really happy throughout the afternoon. Almost like he knew it was a special day just for him.


And for me:

I remember standing again at the altar of Our Lady Queen of Peace church, side-by-side with Chris. Me to the priest’s right and Chris to his left. Exactly the same as on our wedding day. With the same melody of the harbor drifting in through the wide open doors, and the same happy grin on my face.

But this time there was someone new: baby Trevor in our arms.

It was a breathtaking moment.



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