All The Tiny, Little Details…

I remember the very best time to photograph Trevor, and it was when he was about 5 months old.

He was old enough to roll around and hold his head up, but not yet strong enough to crawl.

It was the one stage where he had come into his own and no longer had that awkward newborn look. And yet I was still able to really get some clear pictures, because he couldn’t just take off in any direction at any given moment yet!

So I tried, during that precious little window of opportunity, to capture all the details I loved best about baby Tru.

And I thought that all of these images that focus on the details – like his big smile and his tiny feet – looked best in black and white:

His Eyes

I love Trevor’s eyes because they are so unique! I can never really place where they came from, it’s a true mystery! They are deep-set and almond-shaped and a very beautiful deep shade of blue.

Some people say he has my eyes, some say he has Chris’s eyes. I don’t think they look like either mine or Chris’s. Maybe they’re a combo. Who knows?

His Hair

Poor Tru, with this particular cut! Trevor was born with a lot of hair and it grew quickly, both long and thick. To the point where it was hanging in his eyes.

I didn’t feel like he was old enough to take him to a barber shop, so I cut his hair myself with his baby-sized nail scissors. Sorry Tru, I did my best with all of your squirming and wiggling!

His Smile

Trevor’s smile is my favorite feature. He has full lips and a really wide smile that just lights up his whole face. And he loves to laugh.

Truly, he’s such a comedian. He really seems to get a kick out of making other people smile.

His Length

Shortly before Tru was born, the midwife said to me at a check-up: “he feels long and lean.” Sure enough, that’s the exact body shape Trevor was born with. And he’s kept it ever since!

He remains at about the 93rd percentile for his age for height. But he never really had a big, chunky baby stage with all those adorable rolls. I have so many struggles trying to find pants tiny enough to fit his small waist, yet long enough for his long legs.

His Feet

Of course, I had to get some shots of his tiny little baby feet. It’s funny, Trevor never really had those chunky baby feet. His were always long and thin, like the rest of him!

One day in fifteen years when I’m tripping over stinky, size 12 sneakers, I’ll look back at these photos with longing, I’m sure!

His Hands

Of course I had to capture the little dimples on the tiny little hands.

And that distinctive “baby crease” in the chubby little wrist.

Tru always loved to grasp our hands, and still does! He’s a hand-holder.














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