Photo Tour: Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea


There are some spots where I’ll struggle all day to get a decent photograph, and nothing will work. And then there are those spots where I don’t even have to try, and everything just turns out beautifully. Four Seasons Maui was one of those locations that did all the work for me. It was one of the most stunning hotels I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the complete tour of the Four Seasons Maui:


The Lobby

The lobby was wide open, airy and enormous, with natural stone tile, detailed moldings, gorgeous iron fixtures, stunning artwork, and tropical plants everywhere. What was unique – and beautiful – about the lobby was that it was all open on the side of the building facing toward the ocean. So natural sunlight just streamed in, offering the feeling of always being in touch with the ocean.

The central area featured three restaurants and a lounge. The restaurants offered three options: Italian-inspired, steak and seafood, and Hawaiian-inspired (Wolfgang Puck’s Spago). Each dining spot featured tables mostly facing out toward the pools and ocean beyond. Chris and I loved eating at the Italian restaurant, in particular, which had outdoor tables right along the beach. We loved eating dinner under the stars, listening to the waves gently splash on the shore.

And there was nightly entertainment, featuring Hawaiian music and hula dancing, which added to the festive, tropical atmosphere.


The Room

Our room was spacious, in soft neutral tones. Everything about the bed invited deep, restful sleep, and the room was so quiet.


I loved the bathroom the most though. There were double sinks plus an enormous vanity, a deep jetted tub, and a large walk-in shower.


The bathroom was fitted with speakers, so I was able to play Hawaiian music each night while I showered. I loved that little touch so much. I always play Hawaiian music on my iPhone when I shower now, just to go back to the Four Seasons Maui in my mind…


The Pools

The central pool was stunning. Imagine towering palm trees everywhere, swaying in the breeze.


Plus manicured tropical plants, spacious white cabanas, fountains, and a huge infinity pool that seems to melt into the wide blue ocean. Aside from the central fountain pool, there was also a serenity pool (for adults) and a waterfall pool (for kids).


The Beach

As far as the beaches were concerned, I’m not sure there’s much I can write beyond what the pictures already say.


What I remember: soft, pristine white sand that burned my bare feet during midday. Crystal, calm blue waters that remained warm for swimming, long after sunset.


Lush greenery and swaying palm trees just beyond the beach. And a dramatic volcanic crater rising up out of the horizon.

The Sunsets

The sun sets directly over the ocean at the Four Season Maui, and the sunsets were some of the most dramatic I’ve ever seen anywhere.


Honestly, my all-time favorite memory of Hawaii was just lying in Chris’ arms in a lounge chair, watching the entire sky slowly light up with swirling reds and oranges. As the light reflected off the still waters, the ocean produced a mirror effect, multiplying the vivid colors across the sea as well as the sky.


We were so in love with the sunset, we planned each day so that we were back at the hotel each evening to see it again and again!









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