Take A Photo Tour of the Green Animals Topiary Garden | Newport Mansions


We’re so close to Newport now.

Our road trip is nearing its end.

But Trevor has already had enough.

He doesn’t want any more Kindle videos. He’s tired of the children’s audio books. He’s already enjoyed a sippy cup of milk. He is squirming, he wants “out” of his car seat, and his fussing is dangerously approaching meltdown mode.

Chris’s and my weariness level is reaching its peak.

But then we happen to catch site of a road sign for something called “Green Animals Topiary Garden.”

It’s an intriguing name.

And a public garden sounds like the perfect place to allow Tru to hop out of that car seat and run free for a little while.

Chris follows the signs, and we’re both feeling a little more hopeful now. We’ve never heard of this place, but the Green Animals Topiary Garden just might save us in this moment…


The Green Animals Topiary Garden is one of ten properties run by The Preservation Society of Newport County and open to the public to tour.

Unlike a lot of the other Newport Mansions, which resemble opulent French chateaux, The Green Animals Topiary Garden is just a small country estate with a white wood frame house.


What makes this property special, though, are the acres of gardens!

The Green Animals Topiary Garden is actually known as one of the oldest and best topiary gardens in the entire country, with a variety of sculptured trees, shrubs and formal topiaries.


Green Animals is unique in that many of the topiaries are in the shapes of animals, such as birds, a camel, a bear, and a giraffe (pictured above).


Aside from the topiaries, there’s a lot to explore, including an arbor path filled with vividly colored flowers, plus vegetable and herb gardens, and orchards.


During our mid-summer tour of the Green Animals Topiary Garden, we found that the grounds were gorgeous, with beautiful flowers of every color blooming left and right.


There was plenty of open, peaceful space for Trevor to explore.

There were benches under shady trees, and even some rocking horses for Trevor to enjoy.


In addition to exploring the gardens, it’s also possible to tour the Victorian house (built in the 1800’s) and check out the views of Narragansett Bay beyond the gardens.


Here were all of the questions Chris and I had before exploring the Green Animals Topiary Garden, plus all of the answers we found:

Green Animals Topiary Garden

Corys Lane, Portsmouth, RI

What Are The Crowds Like At The Green Animals Topiary Garden?

We visited Green Animals on a sunny weekend morning in mid-summer. We didn’t find the crowds heavy at all, the gardens were quite peaceful. Green Animals is also in a different, secluded location, away from the more well-known Newport properties, such as The Breakers.

What Does An Entrance Ticket To the Green Animals Topiary Garden Cost?

We were surprised to learn that there are actually several options for admission tickets. This is because The Preservation Society of Newport County actually runs 10 different historic properties, all open to the public.

If you’re interested in checking out several of the historic mansions in Newport, you can save a lot of money by buying a Five House Ticket.

Here were the options (the prices for one adult ticket) at the time we visited:

  • One House Ticket to Green Animals Topiary Garden – $17.50
  • Two House Ticket (including The Breakers plus Green Animals Topiary Garden) – $29.00
  • Five House Ticket (including The Breakers, Green Animals Topiary Garden and three other houses) – $35.00
  • Kids under the age of 6 are free.

You can check out ticket options and purchase tickets online here.

Are There Tours At the Green Animals Topiary Garden?

Tours through the Green Animals Topiary Garden are self-guided, meaning you can walk through in your own time and at your own pace.

It’s also possible to purchase tickets for additional Green Animals Garden Workshops.

How Long Does It Take To Tour Green Animals Topiary Garden?

Because we had a toddler in tow, we didn’t tour the house or wander down to check out the views of Narragansett Bay. We moved quickly through the gardens, and spent about 30 minutes at Green Animals. To see everything, plan about 1 hour.

Is the Green Animals Topiary Garden For Kids?

Green Animals offered a wonderful, open space for Trevor to roam free. He absolutely loved wandering through the arbor path and formal gardens, stopping to smell the flowers along the way. The gardens are great for kids of all ages, and older children may appreciate the topiaries in the shapes of animals they can recognize.


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