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As we pulled up to the ornate gates of The Elms in Newport, I felt as though I was leaving New England for the French countryside.



The Elms is an immense, 3-story mansion that was built in 1901.

Modeled after a French château from the 1700’s, the mansion and grounds transport you to another era of extravagance and elegance.

Once a “summer cottage” to coal magnate Edward Berwind, The Elms is now owned by The Preservation Society of Newport County and open daily to the public.

Although we had a toddler in tow, Chris and I decided to do the self-guided tour of the mansion, and we absolutely loved it.

I couldn’t stop shooting photos, since every room was opulent and stunningly beautiful.

So now, let’s take a complete photo tour of The Elms in Newport:


The Elms Front Entrance

The front entrance to The Elms provides a preview of the perfect symmetry that is present throughout the mansion.


The columns, sculptures, and ornate detailing all add to the palace-like opulence of The Elms.


The Elms Stairwell

Inside, visitors are greeted with a bright and airy marble gallery and stairwell.


Here, the Berrwind’s impressive collection of Renaissance ceramics is on display.


The Elms Ballroom

Immediately beyond the stairwell: a lavish ballroom.

The French château style paneling is beautiful.


And it appears as though The Elms is still the site of lavish summer balls, since the room is perfectly preserved with antique furnishings and portraits on the walls.


The Conservatory

One of my favorite rooms at The Elms is the conservatory, which is decorated with white stone and marble.

It’s light and bright and filled with floor-to-ceiling windows.

The conservatory also contains several beautiful sculptures from the 1700’s.


The Elms Drawing Room

I was amazed by the intricate detailing and molding work in the drawing-room, which was lavishly furnished.

The ceiling painting is from a Dutch painter from the 1700’s.


The Elms Dining Room

The dining room is a stark contrast to many of the other rooms in The Elms, with its dark wood paneling.

It’s also decorated with several Italian paintings from the 1700’s.


The Elms Gardens and Grounds

The photo above is a shot of the garden-facing facade at The Elms.


Throughout The Elms are arched floor-to-ceiling windows decorated in ornate drapery.

These windows look out on the vast gardens beyond, which visitors are also free to tour.


The Elms contains ten acres of parkland, with a wide variety of trees and perfectly manicured shrubs, plus flower gardens and marble and bronze sculptures and fountains.


After touring the mansion, we’d highly recommend checking out The Elms.

Every room was so perfectly maintained, furnished, and decorated, it’s as though the Berwind family still lives and entertains there.

When you’ve had enough of the beach and harbor in Newport, The Elms will transport you to a France château!


Here were all of the questions Chris and I had before exploring The Elms, plus all of the answers we found:

The Elms

Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI

What Are The Crowds Like At The Elms?

We visited The Elms on a sunny weekend morning in mid-summer. We didn’t find the crowds heavy at all.

What Does An Entrance Ticket To The Elms Cost?

We were surprised to learn that there are actually several options for admission tickets. This is because The Preservation Society of Newport County actually runs 10 different historic properties, all open to the public.

If you’re interested in checking out several of the historic mansions in Newport, you can save a lot of money by buying a Five House Ticket.

Here were the options (the prices for one adult ticket) at the time we visited:

  • One House Ticket to The Elms – $17.50
  • Two House Ticket (including The Breakers plus The Elms) – $29.00
  • Five House Ticket (including The Breakers, The Elms and three other houses) – $35.00
  • Kids under the age of 6 are free.

You can check out ticket options and purchase tickets online here.

Are There Tours At The Elms?

Tours through The Elms are self-guided, meaning you can walk through in your own time and at your own pace. (Headsets providing audio tours were available and included with the cost of admission).

In addition, it’s possible to purchase more in-depth tours of the Elms, such as the Servant Life Tour.

How Long Does It Take To Tour The Elms?

Set aside about one hour to tour The Elms. There are many rooms to explore at The Elms, plus expansive gardens to wander through outside.

Is The Elms For Kids?

Older kids may be fascinated by the jaw-dropping size and opulence of The Elms. But younger kids may not find a lot of interest here. Our toddler, Trevor, looked around a bit, but mostly sprinted from one room to the next. There are open fields and gardens behind the mansion, so adults can take turns bringing young children outside. For example, Chris took Trevor outside to play while I photographed the rooms inside.


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