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Easter Memories 2019

Easter Egg Decorating

Trevor decorated eggs for the first time this year. I remember loving this activity as a little kid. I didn’t realize how complex the egg decorating process was, though! Boiling eggs without cracking them, cooling them, preparing the dyes (you need vinegar, and it takes a while for the tablets to dissolve), letting them dry …

Tru put so much hard work into creating his egg. He left it in blue dye for a long time, carefully turning it every few seconds. His egg turned out better than the others, without any weird lines or uneven color, I think because he put so much care into it! He used finger paint stamps to decorate it. And then, with a little marker that came with the kit, he asked me to help write his name on it. He also wanted to write “Mama.” Funny thing, he kept asking about eating the eggs (even though he hasn’t been willing to eat an egg since he was a baby!) And also about eating the dye tablets, which must have looked like candy to him.

Easter Egg Hunting

This was also the first year I hid chocolate around the house for Trevor to find. He needed some help from Chris and I to find the eggs (he didn’t look very carefully!), but he had fun opening each plastic egg. A chocolate would fall out each time, hit the floor, I’d grab it before the dog could, and Tru would say, “mooore coc-o-wat!” Tru has a huge sweet tooth, so he enjoyed a few chocolates with breakfast.

Easter Brunch

I can’t remember the last time we had a bright, sunny, springlike Easter. We live in New England. So. Last year, we had snow. This year, the day was cool but humid with muddy brown grass below our feet and dark, heavy clouds above. Luckily, I know by now to buy Trevor a winter outfit for Easter. He wore a gray sweater with bunnies and cotton ball tails. I loved that sweater. He looked so cute.

For Easter brunch, we went to the same special events facility as last year. It’s a beautiful spot with a mansion and a big fountain on the front yard, and I loved the whole event last year. This year, it was a comedy of errors!

The place was packed and I think it overwhelmed Tru. He kept acting up, trying to color on the tablecloth, trying to run around the room, randomly shouting. Every so often, the Easter Bunny would pass our table but never stop, so I couldn’t get the photo I wanted.

Next, when I went to the dessert table, the line was so long, I decided to check back in a few minutes. Several minutes later I returned, and nothing was left but sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles.

Then the waitress told us the outside Easter egg hunt for the kids began at 12:30. Several minutes before 12:30, we went outside. Kids were running around with baskets full, and no eggs in sight on the lawn. An employee told us the Easter egg hunt had already happened and we’d missed it! She put four eggs around the shrubs next to the building so Trevor could hunt for a few eggs.

Next, I found the Easter Bunny on the lawn and before he could run away again, I said, “can I please get a quick photo.” Then I tried to get Trevor to stand with the bunny and turn in my direction while simultaneously taking a picture, which proved to be a nearly impossible task.

Then Chris finally arrived outside. He’d been stuck at the table – waiting for the staff to process his credit card and pay the bill – for at least half an hour. He’d missed all of the outdoor activity due to the hold-up.

Last, I asked my dad to snap a family photo, just as the clouds opened up and rain started to fall…

Note to future self: maybe try a different spot (or brunch at home) next year!

Meeting the Bunny

Last year, Tru was a little scared and wouldn’t go near the Bunny without Chris and I holding him.

This year, Tru and I were walking through the buffet area, trying to find something for Trevor to eat (he picked tater tots, one chicken tender, and a chocolate chip muffin). Suddenly, the Easter Bunny walked into the room, and Tru’s face lit up with the biggest and most genuine grin. He was so excited! He gave Easter Bunny a high-five and jumped up and down with him (mimicking the Bunny’s hop). It was really cute.

Easter Basket Surprises

Tru’s been so interested in letters lately. Every day he asks, “what starts with _____” (fill in the blank with any word that pops into his mind: Easter, Bunny, Egg, etc.) He knows “eye” is “confusing.” He’ll say, “what starts with eye? ‘I’ starts with eye? It’s confusing?” So for Easter, I got him a little mat with alphabet letters for him to trace with a crayon.

He’s also still obsessed with his BRIO train set – he loves adding in bridges and tunnels and wamps (i.e. ramps) and “whoop-da-whoops” (loop-de-loop). So he got a new BRIO garage with a little elevator and slide for the train cars. 


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