When We Want to See More Love In The World, Where Do We Begin?


I know I’m not alone in wishing that the world was a kinder, more accepting place.

I think that’s probably the only thing I’ve really wanted since my son was born. (Holding a defenseless baby in your arms will clarify your priorities pretty quickly!) And of course the world will always be filled with challenges and confusion, but I’ve wished, at least, for a world that surrounded him with love and support.

But then, here’s the thing. I notice my own thoughts about myself and they’re the polar opposite of kind and accepting. And I know those critical thoughts are like heavy weights that we carry with us wherever we go. They affect all of our interactions with others. They affect how we approach our days and how we see and treat others.

If we want real change, we have to start closer to home. How can we hope to ever see more love in the world, if we can’t even see it in ourselves?


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