Family Trip to Lake George in Autumn 2022

In late October, we did our first trip to Lake George, in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

We stayed at the Sagamore Resort, which is a really stunning historic hotel right on the lake, built in the 1800s. Chris found and booked the First House for our stay. It’s a newly renovated house overlooking the lake. I’ve mentioned the overwhelming anxiety I feel when we travel, but it wasn’t as intense on this trip. I think that’s because we were staying in a secluded spot that literally felt like home. I loved the master bedroom. It was really spacious, with a big fireplace. I started a fire each night after we tucked Tru into bed. I’d light the pine-aroma candle we found in the resort gift shop, play some instrumental music on my phone, and curl up under the covers with a book. My idea of heaven, basically! The upstairs children’s bedroom had bunk beds, so Tru got to sleep way up high, near the ceiling, on the top bunk. He was literally bouncing around the room with excitement over that! Outside, we had a small yard overlooking the lake. The view was beautiful, with sail boats, colorful foliage, and the mountains beyond. There was also a large fire pit surrounded by Adirondack chairs. On our first night there, we grabbed pizza and pasta from the resort restaurant and ate by the fire pit. It was cold by the lake after dark, but we spent a couple of nights sitting by the fire, chatting and gazing at the stars. Tru had fun roasting marshmallows and making s’mores.

We tried to time our trip for peak foliage, and we were successful. Late October is actually off-season for the resort because the weather gets chilly, but I think people don’t realize what they’re missing with the stunning fall colors around the lake! Unfortunately, the downtown area was pretty much shut down for the season, so we only really had the resort restaurants to eat at. On the plus side, though, the whole area was wonderfully peaceful and quiet!

One morning we did a hike that completely blew me away. It was called the Pinnacle Trail, and it was just a short drive from the resort. The views from the top were spectacular, with the lake plus the mountains and foliage. I was also amazed that we were the only people at the top of the mountain, we had the stunning space all to ourselves! We spent a while at the peak, having fun taking photos and throwing rocks. Tru curled up in my lap for a short while and we filmed some cool videos with my phone and then we just cuddled and took in the views.

We also did a boat rental, and it was fun to check out the area from a different perspective on the water. Tru was so excited to sit up at the wheel with the boat captain, ready to chit chat and ask a hundred questions. One funny story: near the end of our boat ride, as we were headed back to the dock, Chris noticed that Tru didn’t seem to be talking and his head kept nodding. Suddenly Tru, started to tilt over off the edge of the seat and Chris run up to grab him. Trevor had started to fall asleep at the wheel, with the captain! It was really cute.

Trevor’s favorite aspect of the trip was definitely the Rec Center. It was really impressive, and Chris and I both had a great time there too! The Rec Center had a small 9-hole indoor mini golf course and a half basketball court. The coolest aspect was the miniature indoor baseball diamond that looked like a real field. We all took turns hitting and fielding. One other fun thing: since the resort was so quiet, we always had the entire Rec Center to ourselves. We had a blast enjoying free rein of the place!

We all had fun during the morning we spent at the Sagamore Golf Course. The first hole had incredible views of the lake and surrounding mountains, all bursting with fall color. It was a really stunning course to walk, so I was happy!

One of my favorite experiences was the night we ordered pizza and sat outside on the restaurant balcony overlooking Lake George. The evening was a bit chilly, so we were the only ones on the balcony. The lake just look so pristine and expansive, and the sunset added even more vivid color to the fall foliage surrounding us on all sides. It was just one of those really memorable, special moments. This planet can seem so horrifically cruel and frightening, but there is extraordinary beauty here too. I’ll take any opportunity I can to appreciate that!

Here are all of the photos from our trip to Lake George, along with little notes:



My boys. I’m blessed!



At age six, Tru’s getting really tall. But he’s still little enough for me to hold him in my arms once in a while!



The most common facial expression seen on Tru since he started school, due to the perpetual malady of the little kid: a runny nose! Sorry, but this cracks Chris and I up! And yes, I do have a packet of tissues (along with Wet Ones hand wipes) on me at all times.



This little boy’s smile has expanded my heart by a billion percent.



Tru wasn’t interested in doing any photos here. But he was definitely up for a leaf fight though! That brought the laughter!



Tru often says he doesn’t want to go for a hike, and then ends up having the time of his life! He loves running through the trails (he’s lightning fast, and I can’t keep up!) And he loves to search for and collect cool rocks that he can later throw.



This boy has a passion for golf and an amazing swing!



When Tru and I saw a boat speeding around on the lake when we first arrived, we decided we wanted to manifest our own speed boat ride. And we did!



Can you see the rocks Tru was throwing in this photo? Tru is deeply content when he’s tossing pebbles off the side of a mountain; he could stay for hours doing that!


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