I Trust My Body’s Wisdom



“I am safe in my body, and I trust its wisdom.”


For most of my life, I looked outside myself to try to understand what I should eat and how I should look. I listened to famous people, and diet and fitness experts, and magazine articles, and celebrity doctors on the morning news.

The only voice I ignored was the one that spoke the quietest:

The voice of my own body.

So I’ve been working on that lately, just paying attention to what my body is asking for:

  • Figuring out if I’m actually hungry (or if I’m just eating to cope with feeling overwhelmed or stressed or tired).
  • Stopping to pay attention to when I’m feeling full.
  • Noticing what foods I’m actually craving.

I’ve spent my life convinced that everyone around me knows better than I do, so it’s a really slow process to change. But I’m practicing saying this every day: “I trust my body’s wisdom.”


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