I’m Changing The Way I Think About My Body


One big struggle for me in life: there’s so much that seems completely out of my control. 

Just in terms of weight loss and my body (which is one tiny subject!), there’s a lot I can’t control. I’ve set the best intentions to work out, but then got overwhelmed with family obligations. I’ve followed a diet for several weeks, and not seen any results. I’ve wished I had long lean legs when genetics gave me petite muscular ones instead.

Here’s the one thing I do have control over: my thoughts.  

So maybe I can’t control the outcome of a diet. Still, I can focus on how I’m feeling healthier and taking better care of my body (instead of complaining about how the pounds aren’t melting off). So maybe I can’t control my genetics. Still, I can be grateful for how my body works and how it serves me (instead of complaining about how it looks).

This doesn’t mean I don’t do things daily to be fit and healthy! It just means I try to turn my critical and complaining thoughts into more accepting ones. 

Mastering my thinking is a huge, long-term challenge! But it’s the only worthwhile one, since my thoughts are the only thing I’ll ever be able to control.


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