Walking: Replacing Fear with Love


I have a method for simplifying everything in this world.

I know that sounds crazy because our world is complicated and overwhelming. It often feels like we have a thousand things to think about at once, and nothing seems clear.

But believe it or not it’s actually possible to simplify anything – any thought or experience(!) – into two simple categories.

These two simple categories are LOVE and FEAR.


Now, I know the words “love” and “fear” have really strong implications.  

A lot of us think “fear” only happens when our car breaks down in the middle of the night on an abandoned road in the middle of nowhere.

And a lot of us think “love” is something reserved just for really close family.

But hear me out, because it’s actually possible to sum up any thought or situation with these two simple words…

Use Your Emotions To Guide You

Think of these two simple categories – LOVE and FEAR – as a sliding scale.

On the FEAR side, the experience of being terrified is an extreme example. But FEAR can also include boredom, confusion, stress, or loneliness.

Likewise, on the LOVE side, just a plain and simple, “I’m content” counts.


Also begin to consider how every thought you think comes with an emotion.

The feeling that comes after a thought might be barely noticeable (something like slight boredom). Or it might be super-charged (something like sorrow or rage).

Your negative feelings let you know if you’re thinking thoughts in the direction of FEAR.

And your positive feelings let you know if you’re thinking thoughts in the direction of LOVE.


Here’s a list that shows some common emotions that match with FEAR and LOVE:


  • Hopeless
  • Depressed
  • Embarrassed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Lonely
  • Stressed
  • Confused
  • Uncertain 
  • Bored


  • Content
  • Calm
  • Peaceful
  • Happy
  • Loving
  • Joyful


Test This For Yourself

Here’s another way to sum up this simple process:

In all the thoughts we think, we’re either accepting and embracing a situation OR we’re resisting and pushing against a situation.


But don’t take my word for it!

Instead, devote your day tomorrow to observing your own thoughts about food, exercise, and your body.

Try to catch even the most fleeting thoughts.

Each thought will either be a resisting/pushing away thought (FEAR) or an accepting/embracing thought (LOVE).

On The Topic of Walking, Replace Fear With Love

Moving forward, I’ll use this concept of “Replacing Fear with Love” to explore lots of different topics related to food, weight loss, and body image!

For my first one, I chose the topic of walking, and here’s why:

Walking is a form of exercise I enjoy.

But for a long time, I avoided daily walks because I thought, “walking isn’t difficult enough to be worth my time.” 

I thought I had a hundred other things on my to-do list that were more important.

I thought walking wasn’t strenuous enough to get rid of cellulite or belly rolls, so I decided it didn’t count.

I thought walking didn’t burn a lot of calories, so I dragged myself into the gym for workouts instead.

Now that I’m focused on how I feel, I’m better as deliberately choosing thoughts that serve me.

Now I notice how walking brings me feelings of calm and peace.

Now I appreciate how energized I feel after I get outside in nature and breathe fresh air.

When I choose thoughts in the direction of LOVE, it’s clear that walking is a great exercise option for me and worth fitting into my life.


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