One Baby and His Hair: The Epic Journey


Baby’s hair has taken me on one incredible journey. I’ve been surprised and awed. I’ve fallen in love. I’ve faced up to my fears. And the journey continues on…


Exclaimed by the midwife who delivered him, the very first words said about baby Trevor upon his entrance into this world were “Wow, look at all of that hair!”

Unlike the other (semi-bald) babies I saw strolling through our neighborhood, Trevor made his debut on planet Earth with a thick, long, full head of hair.

He required a comb after his first bath.


At first, baby’s hair was at a bit of an awkward stage.

It was at that unwieldy phase where it was too long to lie flat and yet still too short to hang properly.


So Trevor had an interesting spiky ‘do for a while.


Trevor was none too impressed with this particular look. (Or was it just mom’s sappy Age Milestone Blocks that had him so irritated?)


Then it grew to an enviable thick, glossy, silky state.


His hair care routine, for those who are wondering how to achieve this look: Just a baby shampoo and rinse every two to three days. Talk about low maintenance.


Trevor just #wokeuplikethis.


Here’s how to achieve this look:

Post bath, just vigorously rub dry with a towel.

#hairgoals, all the way.


I loved baby’s amazing locks.

In fact, I adored Trevor’s hair so much, I never wanted to cut it. I noticed the way it liked to curl on the ends on humid days, and envisioned a future for Trevor with a head full of silky ringlets.

Fear played a part. Baby’s First Haircut is a big step for a new mom who is realizing just how swiftly time flies forward.


But then.


It started sticking out over his ears. And it keep hanging over his eyes.

I had to admit, Trevor’s hair was taking over. Baby wanted to explore his surroundings, see the world, use his newfound senses.

How could he do that when his hair kept getting in the way?


So I decided that instead of taking the big, momentus leap of Baby’s First Haircut, I would do “just a little trim at home.” I used his baby nail scissors and carefully trimmed just the pieces that hung over his ears and eyes.


I think his “quick trim” turned out pretty well.


And Trevor seems very happy with his new look.

He looks freer somehow.

But still I wonder.

His hair grew so long so quickly, will he need another “quick trim” in just a few weeks? And those silky ringlets I envisioned. Will they ever appear? We’ll have to wait for the answers to those questions. The journey continues on…



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