I Have A Question For You

I have a question for you.

Do you like ducks?

This is the question that came out of Trevor’s mouth the other day.

He said it first to Chris.

He has since posed the same important and pressing question to Chris several more times. And also to me.

It still takes me by surprise when he comes out with a complete and articulate sentence like that!

Wasn’t it just last week that I was overjoyed to hear him grunt out the sound “ba” while pointing to a ball?

Slowly Tru is becoming his own fully formed individual with definite opinions and, now, even important questions.

He’s coming up with variations on his questioning as well.

The other day it was:

“Mama, I have a question for you. Do you like peanuts?”

And also:

“I have a question for you. Do you like rattlesnakes?”

One day tougher questions will come, I know. So I’m just enjoying this phase for all it’s worth!

Other recent (and cute) developments:

A New Obsession

Tru has reached that age where he’s interested in participating in the whole “getting dressed” routine in the morning.

All in all, he couldn’t care less about clothes.


He has two loves: his red Lightning McQueen sweatshirt and his blue Lightning McQueen sweatshirt.

(Both from his Grammy because she knows how much he loves the movie Cars.)

(I tried to put the movie Frozen on for him once, and he watched for about one minute before he asked, “Trevor watch Cars?”)

Anyway, every morning he asks, “McQueen clean? Or McQueen dirty?”

If I say it’s clean, you can bet he’s going straight to the closet to put it on himself!

Luckily, if I tell him it’s dirty, he understands and doesn’t have a fit.

Yesterday, I tried telling him that Blue McQueen Sweatshirt was dirty even though it was right there, clean, hanging in the closet.

He accepted that it was dirty. So, yes, I use the “it’s dirty” excuse regularly …


Oh, and the chocolate mustache in the photo above?

That’s chocolate hummus.

He eats it by the spoonful like pudding.

Trevor would eat nothing but sugar cookies and potato chips for lunch and dinner every day if he had his way.

I mean that literally.

So it feels like a victory to me when he eats a bowl of chocolate hummus.

Why, Mama, Why?

Trevor has hit the “why” phase, big time. Here’s a peek into a conversation we had as we sat by a window at a smoothie shop the other day:

“Where is that man going,” Tru asks as he watches a man walk down the sidewalk.

“Maybe … to the store … to buy a new shirt.”


“Maybe because his old one has a hole in it.”

“Why it has hole?”

“Maybe because it came apart in the wash.”

“Why it come apart?”

“Maybe because it’s old.”

“But why it old? Why, Mama, whyyy?”

It’s adorable. And exhausting…

Is It Dark? Or Busy?

Tru is also figuring out opposites.

Every day it’s, “are you sad? or happy?” and “is it small? or super big?”and “is it new? or old?”

Somewhere along the way, though, he got the idea that the word “busy” means “sunny.”

So a lot of times when he wakes up and the curtains are still closed, he’ll ask, “is it dark out? or busy?” 

Rainbow House!

Tru is very interested in the color of houses. For example, he knows his house is yellow and his Grammy’s house is green.

The other day, he was going to a friend’s house for the first time and he asked me, “what color is Teddy’s house?”

I told him I didn’t know and we’d have to find out.

Tru’s response: “I think Teddy’s house is rainbow!”

You should have heard the disappointment in his voice when we arrived and Tru said, “is Teddy’s house rainbow? … Or is it gray?”

“It looks gray to me, Tru,” I had to sadly say…

The Bear Chair

When Tru was just a baby, one of our friends gave him a little toddler-sized chair in the shape of a bear.

Tru loves it and uses it, always, when he watches TV.

It’s well-worn.

Lately, he does the sweetest thing.

He moves way over to one side, pats the empty space, and says, “Mama sit” or “Daddy sit.”

Of course, I can’t fit and I’m half on the chair and half on the floor.

But it’s not lost on me how sweet this phase of life is, where Tru is old enough to express love and affection but young enough to still want me near…

The Sweetest Sound To Me

Trevor loves to sing these days! His tiny little voice, belting out all the wrong words, is the sweetest sound to me.

He loves to sing the “ABCs” and he does a beautiful job. He does forgets the ending (“Now I know my ABCs, next time … know my … ABCs ….”).

Other favorites: “Free Pied Pice” (he thinks “Three Blind Mice” is “Free Pied Pice”), “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad,” “Home on the Range,” and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

And one I’d never heard before that he learned at school: “happy am I, happy am I, together again…” (although Tru pronounces it more like “to-ged-ah again”)

Also, the best thing of all: Trevor randomly says, “I love you Mommy.”

This, of course, if the sweetest sound any parent will ever hear.

I remember the days when Tru was a baby and would do nothing but cry and scream, and I would daydream of some far-off moment he might say those words. It seemed during the baby phase that the day would never arrive. 

Well, it’s arrived. And I’m loving it!





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