Photo Tour: Fantasy Paradise at The Ocean Club, Bahamas

Enjoy a photo tour of the white sand beaches and gorgeous gardens of the luxury resort The Four Seasons Ocean Club, Bahamas.


Like many people, I’ve found 2020 to be one of the more trying years of my life.

It’s been a time of grieving and adjusting to a deeply disconcerting new reality. We’ve had a young family member pass away, our sweet beagle Calvin was badly injured, and Chris has been working very long hours to keep a business running during a global pandemic. I’ve been at once overwhelmed with 24/7 care-taking of a 4-year-old and, at the same time, wanting to completely shelter Tru from a disturbing new world.

I know many of us are hurting; aching for what we once took for granted. Certainly, I’m changed. How that will translate in my blog … I guess I’ll see!

Chris suggested I do some uplifting activities each day, and I agreed that was something I needed. It’s unhealthy to fixate only on problems and sadness. I’ve started a gratitude journal, which was something I learned in the spiritual studies I’ve been pursuing lately. In addition, I’ve decided to finally go through old photos from some of our 2019 trips. It seems so strange now to remember that prior to 2020, we were a traveling family…

If You’re Asking For Paradise, The Bahamas Are Answering

The photos I’m sharing today are from our trip to the Bahamas in early December 2019. After all I’ve experienced in the past few months, it’s definitely a relief to spend a couple of hours returning to paradise in my mind!

And the Bahamas are a paradise, no question.

The beaches there are as dreamy as beaches can be: pristine, ultra fine white sands. Palm trees swaying in the breeze. And calm, crystal clear, turquoise waters that melt into endless blue sky.

I found the December weather to be absolutely perfect. The skies were clear and blue and the weather was warm enough for the beach, but never oppressively hot. Daytime temperatures reached the mid-70s each day. And evenings remained fairly warm.

I laughed because local residents complained that the weather was “chilly.” That’s the island perspective I guess! When you’re traveling from a New England winter, 75 degrees is the dream!

And getting to the Bahamas was easy too. For our trip, we first spent some time at Walt Disney World, then flew from Orlando to Nassau. The flight was about one hour. I’m always a fan of that type of easy convenience, especially with a preschooler in tow!

Fantasy Made Real: The Ocean Club, Bahamas

For our trip, we stayed at The Ocean Club, a Four Seasons property located on Paradise Island. And it was stunning. Absolutely perfect in every way.

We loved it so much, we left the resort grounds only once for a few hours. The resort had everything: delicious food, serene gardens, incredible pools, and the most beautiful white sand beach. We had no reason to leave. Especially on our last morning when we woke at 5am to catch a flight back home to wintry Boston – then we really didn’t want to go!

The Ocean Club feels like a world away from, well, the actual world. It has the atmosphere of a very private escape. 

In actuality though, the mega resort Atlantis is only a 10-minute drive (Atlantis offers many restaurants and shops, a casino, a small aquarium, and a water park.) And the Nassau airport is about 40 minutes away. So it’s convenient despite feeling like a hideaway.


Let’s escape from our troubles for a moment and explore paradise, shall we…


Pristine White Sand Beaches

We arrived at The Ocean Club before our check-in time, so we headed straight for the beach.

As I already mentioned, it was a dreamy, pristine beach.

There was a wedding at the resort on the day that we arrived, so the beach was semi-crowded. For the next couple of days of our stay, though, the beach was mostly deserted. 

What I’ll remember about that beach was just having the chance to relax on a lounge chair under an umbrella while gazing at the most stunning view. Just a pure expanse of calm turquoise waters. Sometimes, a speed boat or hang glider would float across the scene. Life was good for those couple of days!

Tru is officially old enough to enjoy playing in the sand and understand he can’t go running into the ocean without a parent. So Chris and I actually had a few moments of relaxation at the beach!

We loved to go out each evening before dinner for a little beach “walk” before dark. We never made it far because Tru had too much fun rolling and somersaulting in the sand! 

One night we saw a gorgeous table for two set up on the sand just steps from the ocean and flanked by candle lanterns. The setup included linens and flowers and it looked like a dream. The chairs were still empty and waiting; Chris and I laughed, wondering if that romantic dinner could even be possible for us … with Tru somersaulting nearby in the sand!

Heavenly Rooms

Our room at The Ocean Club was serene and luxurious.

The bathroom had the most beautiful tile work above the soaking tub. The bedroom was light and airy and the floor was dark hardwood. What I remember most was that the room had sliding glass doors with dark wood shutters that we’d swing open to reveal a patio. The patio lead onto a lush grassy field that was dotted with swaying palm trees. And beyond that was pristine ocean water melting into sky, as far as the eye could see. It was just pure nature, and expansive views.

The view from our room at The Ocean Club was probably one of the most beautiful beach views I’ve ever seen. It really was that extraordinary in person.

When Trevor would go down for a late afternoon nap each day, Chris and I would sit out on the lounge chairs and just take in the sweeping views.

Mostly I remember relaxation.

And mostly I remember unbelievable beauty.

Beachside Restaurants, A Luxury Spa, and Gorgeous Pools, Oh My!

Chris and I loved the food at The Ocean Club, so we never really ventured away from the resort to eat.

Trevor continued to eat only grilled cheese (with an occasional fruit smoothie or hummus dip thrown into the mix). His preference was the same as always, “let’s skip the restaurant so we have more time to play!”

We went to the resort restaurant Dune nightly for dinner. It was upscale but family friendly, with ocean views and delicious food. The wait staff was so friendly too. Tru was bursting with stories and questions at the dinner table (as always!), but the staff adored him and they took the time to talk with him.

And we liked Ocean for lunch. It was an open-air patio on the beach with lively music, perfect for casual quick bites. Dune Bar also provided menu items that could be delivered directly to your lounge chair on the beach. How’s that for relaxation?

There were three stunning pools on the property as well. We spent our time at the Family Pool of course, and I think I loved it as much as Tru. The pool was flanked by palms and the most colorful and gorgeous tropical flowers. The pool was tucked away in one corner of the property, and it felt like our little private oasis.

The spa was stunningly beautiful so I enjoyed photographing it, even though I didn’t actually use the spa services.

And the resort courtyard was also completely gorgeous, with giant palms and splashing fountains.

Amenities we didn’t try included tennis courts, a golf course, and fitness center.

A Secret Garden Fantasy

I’ve saved the best for last! 

Pictured above is Versailles Gardens at The Ocean Club.

Chris, Trevor, and I had so much fun exploring these gardens one evening before dinner. Tru loved running free, smelling the flowers.

The gardens included antique European sculptures, stone pathways, and multi-leveled stone walls.

Beyond the gorgeous gardens were the 12th century cloisters. These colossal columns were stunning and so picturesque. They were centered to frame views of the harbor beyond.

I found the whole scene really breathtaking and couldn’t stop shooting photos!

Since I’m a garden lover, Versailles and the cloisters were basically the highlight of my stay.


And that concludes our dreamy trip to paradise…

For one moment in time, it was ours ….



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