5 Incredible Things About Bermuda That Will Make You Reach For Your Suitcase


Although we’ve always loved to travel, Chris and I were anxious about our first official trip of our year-long journey. We planned to go to Bermuda, but we didn’t know how difficult travel would be with a toddler.

It turned out we never needed to worry. Bermuda is just such an incredible island – with so many jaw-dropping and fascinating sites – that we had an absolutely amazing trip!

Here are the top 4 things we just couldn’t believe about the destination of Bermuda:


1.) The White (and Pink!) Sand Beaches and Turquoise Shores

The beaches in Bermuda are pristine, with the softest, whitest sand (on close inspection, the sands often look slightly pink).


Plus calm, warm waters that are very clear (no murkiness or seaweed to be found!) with the most stunningly vivid turquoise waters.


The landscape is also dotted with jagged limestone rock rising out of the water here and there, plus plenty of swaying palm trees beyond the shore line.


Here was the other amazing thing: many of the beaches were mostly deserted.

At a couple of the beaches, such as Warwick Long Bay, the three of us were the only people on the beach! (We were in Bermuda in mid-April, which is still considered low season. Busier months are late May – September)

2.) The Easy Flight (From the Eastern United States)

What do the words “tropical island paradise” conjure for you? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably envisioning Bali and Fiji and other far-off places that involve 24 hours of flying time (from the U.S).

But, as I hope the photos from Warwick Bay prove (above), Bermuda is paradise.

And, especially from the Eastern United States, Bermuda is a surprisingly easy destination to reach. We flew directly to Bermuda from Boston, and the flight was under 2 hours!


This was amazingly convenient for Chris and I, as the exhausted parents of a toddler!

We departed for Bermuda on a bitterly cold, windy and overcast day.

Seemingly as soon as we took off, we were preparing to land, and I was looking out the plane window at stunning, tropical turquoise waters! Chris and I couldn’t believe we were living so close to a tropical paradise and never knew!


3.) The Sunset Sails

Aside from the beaches, our sunset sail was my absolute favorite experience in Bermuda. We researched several different boating options – there were handfuls of options for all interests!

They all sounded amazing, from glass-bottom boats to snorkeling tours, but we ended up deciding on a sunset sail.


It was incredible seeing the island from this perspective. Just panoramic, 360 degree views of beautiful turquoise waters meeting a sky exploding with color as the sun went down.


Looking back on the expanse of the island from the boat, Bermuda was truly stunning, with bright candy-colored cities, jaw-dropping mansions that looked like palaces, and swaying palm trees everywhere.


4.) The Unfinished Church in the Town of St. George

The Unfinished Church was a fascinating site.


It’s quite literally a church (constructed in the 1800’s) that was never completed. We were told by a local that it’s often used as a wedding ceremony site today.


The never-finished church was a stunningly beautiful, weathered gray stone structure with enormous arched windows.

All accented throughout with gorgeous, vivid green palm trees.


When we went to explore the ruins, there were gates at the entrances and signs warning that the structure wasn’t safe to go inside. That was torture for Trevor (and me)! That church was so fascinating and beautiful from the outside, and just begging to be explored!

It did add to the mystery of the ruins though.


The good news, though, was that the town of St. George (where the Unfinished Church is located) was also beautiful and fun to explore.

We saw Deliverance, a replica of a ship from the 1600’s.


And we loved taking in the panoramic turquoise harbor views, since St. George is located right along the shore.


5.) The Crystal Cave

Of course, our family was hoping for stunning views at the Bermuda beaches. But we never imagined one of the most amazing views of all would be in a cave below ground! Crystal Caves is one of the most popular tourist sites in Bermuda, and for good reason.


The endless white stalactites that fill the cave are illuminated and reflect off of the crystal clear waters below. In person, the overall effect is really stunning.

And the tour – groups of about 30 people are led by a guide who explains the history of the cave – provides a pleasant break from the midday sun!


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