I Love Knowing That Joy Is Simply A Choice



Today’s Minute Meditation

I love knowing that Joy is simply a choice. – Abraham-Hicks


Let’s Take A Minute To Explore These Words

We all have an extraordinary power within us: the power to choose our thoughts in any given situation. We have the ability to be unconditional in how we feel. In other words, we can choose joy despite what’s happening around us.

We can’t predict what scenarios a day (or a year like 2020!) will throw our way. That uncertainty can make us feel fearful and powerless.

But, whatever comes our way, we have choices. We can choose whether we approach our current situation with optimism. We can choose whether we take actions in the morning that help uplift us for the day. We can choose whether we see the person we’re dealing with as a friend.

Most people allow whatever is in front of them (people, places, scenarios, etc.) to dictate how they feel. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have the power to take the reins and deliberately decide how we feel.


What Do These Words Mean To You?


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