The Simple Exercise Trick I Learned From My Preschooler


Have you ever tried learning from a preschooler? 

I’m always learning from my preschooler, and I highly recommend it…


The Thing Most Adults Have Lost

When it comes to exercise, I’ve been through it all:

I’ve put myself through exercise programs I dreaded in the name of “torching calories.”

And I’ve dragged myself to the gym when the gym was the absolute last place I wanted to be.


Here’s the thing with me (and most adults): our minds are full of rules, judgements, labels, “should’s” and “should not’s.” 

Most of us exercise because we see something wrong with ourselves that needs to be “fixed” or “improved.”

We exercise to: “burn calories,” or “build muscle,” or “get rid of belly rolls,” or even “whip” ourselves “into shape.”

(Yes, we adults actually equate exercise with whipping!)

We view exercise as a means to an end.

And we tend to think we have to make ourselves miserable until we reach that light at the end of the tunnel, whether it be a certain weight or particular appearance.


In other words, we’ve completely lost our connection to Joy.

We’ve nearly forgotten the feeling of inspiration that guides us – moment by moment – to do things that might bring us not only wellbeing but also fun and happiness.


But Preschoolers Still Have A Strong Connection

Little kids, though, are usually much more in touch with their hearts and intuition.

They’re just focused on joy and fun. 

My son Trevor is only four years old. He never exercises for any outcome or purpose.

And yet, he’s in better shape than me!

He’s always moving, all day every day.

He just loves to run races, go on hikes, go swimming, ride his bike, and play golf and soccer.

He follows natural impulses to stay active and have fun, and he’s naturally in excellent shape. 

We Can Learn How To Get That Connection Back

So I’m learning from my preschooler!

I’m dropping the idea of exercising to “burn calories” and “target problem areas.”

Instead, I’m going to make exercise about having fun in the moment.

Of course I want to be fit and feel healthy and strong.

But when I think about my old approach to exercise, it’s starkly clear: I shouldn’t have to make myself miserable in order to be well!

Trevor has taught me that there are a million ways to make daily exercise fun and joyful.

I’m following his lead!


What Do You Think?

Will you shift to the preschooler mindset and find ways to make exercise fun?


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